Weight Update Week 11 – 12/04/2014

Body Fat Skin fold

  1. 10mm
  2. 9mm
  3. 18mm

Estimated 12-14% body fat.

Week 11 is here and it’s going as planned. Having lower carbs is taking it out on me mentally and physically, but I can cope with what I’m doing. Plenty of brown rice with each meal will get me feeling much better today. This week has mainly been about eating eggs and discovering different ways of preparing meals with them.

I’m going to add this here as I need to remind myself of what I need to do. I need to continue trying to drop my body fat before I can mentally close this stage of my journey and move onto building good muscle over the next few years. Until I drop my body fat to around 10%, I WILL NOT be able to close this chapter and will continue to fall back in this zone until I do this. The most important thing for me to do is drop the body fat to my conquer my goal, as I have failed several times before.

Just one last time so I can get it to sink in my head… DROP THE BODY FAT, you will just be in this position next year and the year after till you can close this stage of your journey!



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