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On 31st December 2009 I had lost 2.3 stone and still had a 38.5 inch waist…

xmas2009belly xmas2009weight

This May is 4 years into my weight lifting/ bodybuilding. The seed was planted by John on the 12th May 2010. From that day I have never ever looked back… unless it’s to see how far I have come. Closer to 6 years is took me to just get here, but I’m much happier living this life and challenging myself compared to how I used to live.

18-08-2012 Skin Fold Test…

13.5 Stone

  1. 20mm
  2. 27mm
  3. 32mm

It’s crazy how quick time goes by and I’m glad I started it then, even if it has took such a long time. Fortunately I look forward to the next 6 years and creating goals and dreams to fulfil and conquer.

(I was looking at all my old pictures throughout my journey and that’s why I ended up here typing this)



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