Weight Update Week 12 – 19/04/2014

This week I introduced cordial to my water as I am sick of drinking water which I think it has set me back  (or the new cooking oil) and so I will remove/change that for this week. I have 2 weeks left for my goal date and I need to step it up a gear. I already feel that I am doing everything I can though and what I’m doing feels right for me.

I am finding it very hard to get 300g carbs into my body today. After having 50-100 grams of carbs for the last few days and having a 100-150g carbs diet over the last few weeks, 300g is difficult (from good foods). I’ve basically added 200g sweet potato to every meal. It’s easy on paper, but my stomach is going to find it hard to consume the larger quantity of food. I will do the same tomorrow if I feel the need to and drop the carbs down slowly to around 50g towards the end of the week.

My goal date is close now and so I need to stick to what I’m doing. It is too late for me to adapt to a new method of cutting now. However, as I have experimented with my own body, I know what works for me for future reference.


Edit 20:30PM *This is for my reference as usual*

I managed to eat as much as I could eat today and I managed it without an issue to be honest. I got in an extra 1800 calories on top of my 1700 daily calories, in total and 340 carbs, 63 grams of fat. This is what I set out to do and as the day went by, I started to feel life coming back into my body. I gained those extra calories mainly from sweet potato. 800 of those calories were from sweet potato and this is the difference between getting calories/carbs/fat from good foods compared to junk food.

A few weeks back I had a bag of M&M’s to see what effect it gave on my body (I am experimenting with my body) 850 calories were in that bag alone. Just to sum this up, there is more fat and carbs in 1 bag of these than I usually have in my standard daily diet.



This is the total from my average full day of low carb dieting (this includes cardio from my top line total)

M&Ms 2


First of all, I can not change my diet now as I have my goal in mind and I have my head in gear to aim towards what I set out to do. If I am doing anything wrong, I can’t do anything about it now. After these 2 weeks till my goal date I can push harder  change things around or chose what I need to do. As for now, I need to just stick with what I’m doing.




Ok, so after having a big fill day yesterday, I feel mentally and physically better. My weight has dropped another pound and I feel alive. I have some videos to release soon which will show my emotions and attitude during random times of this cut. Sometimes it’s been very difficult, but I understand how it is going to be for others now. One day I may be able to help others from gaining hands on experience doing it myself. I have found that making a plan on paper and carrying it out when you are tired and fancy some junk to eat can be extremely frustrating and very hard to walk away from.

Thursday night I went to bed at 8:30 as I was going to eat the house out. Fortunately I fell asleep and the next day I felt better.

I Know that I could approach my cut in different ways and I have tried it many different ways in the past. None have been successful enough due to my knowledge and experience. I am going to push as hard as I can over these next two weeks. Not because I have anything to prove to anyone, but because I want to do it for myself. I want to put my mind and body through this as it’s the only way I am going to learn.

I know I have gone on a bit here, but when I have a moment to sit down and type away, it helps me make plans in my head to help me get through what I have set out to do. One thing I do know is that I need to build some muscle! This will come in good time once I eventually conquer my issue with body fat.

 The day I see get that fat from around my stomach is the day I have conquered the impossible.

I still swear down that the best thing I ever did was record my journey with pictures, training, diet, measurements and so on. I have all this to look back on and it really helps me to see what direction I am going in. I really wish I had took pictures of my legs and body when I was at my peak weight, but I guess that wasn’t going to happen as I knew subconsciously that I wasn’t happy. Although my favourite saying was, “I may be fat, but I’ve never been happier” or “I’m fat because I’m comfortable”. What a big fat lie that was!

I can hand on heart say that I am now the happiest I have every been with myself. I have bad days just like anyone else, but my passion and drive to better myself is something that I really enjoy is what makes me happy. Setting small goals towards big goals in a sport that I love is incredible. Looking back at my old ways to my new ways, I have transformed into a different person mentally and physically, certainly in a positive way. I don’t even think I eat or drink one thing now that had 6 years ago, including tap water. (and yes I am asking the wife if she can’t think of anything too)

I know I have rambled on here, but I may look back at this in a few months/years time and see how far behind I was during typing this and how far I have progressed when reading it back. 6 years is a long time to just get here, but I need to close this chapter of my journey this year and move on to my next goal that I already have in mind. I have never stepped back during these 6 years and that’s how I know that it’s not an over night fad. Slowly but surely I will reach my goals one by one!

Happy Easter…






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