23/04/2014 Workout/Thoughts

Just a quick note to remind myself of how today went and what I did…

  • Shoulder grip pull downs x 3
  • Pull over machine x 2
  • Pull downs hammer strength x 2
  • Iso row x 2
  • Seated rows x 2
  • v bar push downs x 2
  • Rear delt machine x 2

No dead lifts, no bent over rows this week. (Still leg deadlift on leg day Friday)


  • Dips x 3
  • Tricep extension press machine x 2
  • Push downs x 2

Strength was up today and I felt motivated. Cutting the fat and being on a low carb diet does take its toll most training days now. I won’t do deadlifts till after BodyPower or until I get my carbs up, as I feel to dizzy/tired and the risk factor is too high at this point in time. I did them last week and It went ok, but as the children are with us at the gym, It’s just about getting through it. (BodyPower is something I have been looking forward to all year and we have booked hotels, made family plans with the kids and so on)

As I am less than 2 weeks from my goal date and 3 weeks from BodyPower, I really feel that I have to lower the weights in the gym to whatever I can lift between 6-8 reps of. So I will still be training as hard as I can, just the forced reps are gone for now and I the lower weight. (sometimes)

I need to concentrate more on light cardio over the next week and try to drop as much fat as possible whilst maintaining my diet and 6 meals per day. I have my mind 100% focused on fat loss at the moment, as it has always been my main goal for the last 6 years. I also want to use a good cutting diet rather than a zero calorie diet. I am eating every 2-3 hours with 5-7 meals per day. I’m not sure If I can put anything else into my diet or training at the moment and I mentally know it’s too late to change anything now for my goal date.

I’m treating my goal date as my own personal competition date with myself. I can move the goal if need be, to get to where I want to be. The question is, will I ever be where I want to be? Does it matter where I am as long as I hit my short term goals or continue to progress in whatever way possible?

Just a random blog whilst I can…


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