25/04/2014 Carbohydrates Note

For the last 10 weeks I have been trying different ways of using carbs to see how my body reacts to what I am putting in it. I have always tried to drop the carbs during the week on my none weight training days and up the carbs slightly on weight training days.

For some reason I have been having a high carb day (350g) on a Saturday and Sunday. I have just decided that this doesn’t make sense to me as I have my rest days on the weekend. Fridays I train my Shoulders and Legs which leads my muscles screaming for fuel/carbs. I thought that having high carbs at the weekend would give me something to look forward to during the week, but I have to change this slightly. I am now going to have a high carb day on a Friday and high carbs up to 4pm on a Saturday (by choice).  I think this is much more sensible and more importantly, I will monitor how my mind and body react to doing it this way.

I usually take my pictures on a Saturday morning to monitor my progress and post on my blog next week. Doing this on a Saturday morning means I am fully depleted from carbs and loading up on carbs may help me get to where I want to get to. I strongly believe that the goals I set for myself have to be figured out and accomplished by myself. If I want to help others in the near future, I believe experience is by far the best way for me to go.

By going through it myself I can also put my mind in a position that will help me understand what others are going through and help them. I have never been so focused as I am now and I have also learnt so much over the years of this journey. I seriously need to put an end to this chapter of dropping my body fat. I have to see abdominals to hit my goal. I have tired dropping the fat many times before, but halfway through I have decided that I look to thin and so I started to bulk. I know this is simply down to my lack of determination and knowledge that I have had. I need to put an end to it soon!

Note – When you don’t eat anything other than planned meals, you feel great. When you have that one tiny treat/different taste/sugar etc you want more and crave hard for it! Don’t do it!!!


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