Carb Depletion and Loading…

Day 1 – Sunday

  • Increase salt,
  • Increase water,
  • Drop carbs 50% / Increase protein Slightly
  • Higher Reps

Carbs from sweet potato, Rice, Veg etc

6 litres of water

Day 2 – Monday

  • Drop carbs by 50%

Carbs from Veg

6 litres of water

Day 3/4 – Tuesday/ Wednesday

  • Reduce Sodium
  • Increase Protein Slightly (40g)
  • Drop carbs to 50g Wednesday

Day 5 – Thursday

  • Increase carbs on Thursday evening by eating dry rice cakes (4pm onwards)

Carbs from Rice Cakes

4 litres water

Day 6 – Friday

  • Stop Training
  • Reduce Water 50%
  • Increase carbs 500g over 7 meals

2l water all day

Day 7 – Saturday

  • Pump up
  • Sip water
  • Take Photos

EDIT – I personally feel better and look more vascular 4 hours after the photoshoot after a good amount of junk food. I will continue to monitor myself over the next 48 hours and report back here with my findings.

 Photoshoot (at home, not professional)
Edit – 21:57 – I am 6lb heavier than when I got up and feel more full and vascular without pumping up. I have ate a ton of junk today as planned, so I can see what happens. This morning I felt small but tighter, now I feel more full. I will look in the morning and report back, I certainly think that 48hours of heavy dirty carb loading is more beneficial to me at the moment. The morning will be the decider.


Edit – 04/05/2014 12:00 mid day…

After a massive blow out yesterday and lots of water, I can see exactly what has happened to my body and what people mean by overspill of carbs. This is very exciting as I can now work on getting the right balance after understanding how it works.  I also weight 6lb heavier than yesterday do to water loading and junk food. I will update this again for the next 2 days…




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