Day 3 – 4 Photo Shoot Prep

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Day 3 –

Today I will be slowing down the carbs ready for tomorrows low carb day.

I started the day with BlackBombs and did a brisk (speed 5) 15 minute walk on the treadmill.

Note – I feel OK and have finished my final cardio specific exercise this evening.



Day 4 – 

  • Chicken and broccoli all day. 7 meals. 6+ litres of water.
  • Full upper body workout at the gym. Light weights, 15 reps with a very good squeeze and pump. Pump the glycogen from my muscles.

day 4



11st 3lb


Private note – as I feel now, at my lowest point with no carbs and at my worst closest day towards my final day, I genuinely feel like I have exceed what I set out to do. As today I am 26 pounds down in 13 weeks 4 days. As I am treating this as my own competition, I know for a fact I have gave it 100% throughout it all! (with the knowledge I have)

Even though I sit here now with 4 meals (just eating meal 5) of 150g chicken breast and 100g broccoli, I feel completely drained, especially after training my whole upper body at the gym too. I’m in 2 minds of training light again in a moment when I go over to film Rob.

Tomorrow night I will start carbing up! Friday I am carbing up heavy and Saturday is my own competition day.

Went to bed at 11 stone 7 pounds, after going to the toilet all night, I woke up 11.2 on 01/05/2014.


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