My Diet After Cutting

It’s been a week now since I finished my goal date for cutting. Since I stopped my dedicated cut, I have relaxed a lot with my foods and have had way too many treats. I have gone mad on dark chocolate, but I have always ate my 6 meals a day of good foods that I had during my cut. Meals such as oats, Dr Zaks, Protein bites, Chicken, Veg made up from complex carbs, good fats and protein. The only thing I have added in is the junk in-between. Although all this junk is better quality junk. Dark chocolate with no added junk and a craving for rice crackers with Nutella on top. (like white bread and Dr Zaks, same type of product, but Dr Zaks is a far more superior for me, better food)

Ok, looking at it like that, my diet isn’t really that bad at all. I genuinely have felt down over the last 3 days with a bad head and flu like symptoms. The main reason for making this post is because I have found that my stomach fat has got thicker and I have to pull myself together before I go the opposite way and put on too much fat. I can put on fat very easy and then I have to work exceptionally hard to remove it.

My plan for the next week is to simply be aware of what I eat. As It is BodyPower weekend coming up, I want to look and feel my best. I know that eating what I was eating on my cut would ruin the weekend as I would simply be too tired to enjoy it. I’m carrying on as I have been for the last week and simply be aware of what I’m doing. My diet is probably how it was for the first month of my cut now, so I’m not stressing, just making myself aware.

I know I have been quite dehydrated the last 24 hours as it’s been manic, but a few bottles of water has removed some of that excess fat I belive was around my stomach. I will monitor this for the next few hours as this may just be water retention. As all these things are new to me, I find this an excellent way to discover my body and gain knowledge to help me better myself. It’s all a learning curve and my main goal is to understand my body and then utilize that knowledge into bettering myself mentally and physically and then ultimately help others where ever I possibly can.


It’s quite ironic typing this up as it’s my daughters birthday today and I’m eating party food as I type this… At least I can be human when I need to be. An hour on the treadmill tonight will be needed!


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