BodyPower 2014 – Wrap Up (pics/videos/training)

This is the first time I have had a moment to actually sit down and think about the last 5 days. It has been an incredible experience and a honour to be helping out DY Nutrition at BodyPower 2014. Where do I start…

Thursday 15th May we set out to Temple Gym to get there for the evening and have a look around before taking the children to my parents and heading to the hotel before the start of 3 days at BodyPower helping out the people we love. It was chaotic, but organised for the whole three days. We had an incredible time helping out alongside Dorian Yates, Gal Yates, Rad, Nicola, Peter, Carla, Heather (My Wife) and the awesome little super star Tahnee.

Wrap up

Here’s some pictures that were took at BodyPower…

Agata Dowding


Robby Anchant

IMG_5783Rad and Carla… (This chap is solid)
IMG_5774IMG_5776Zak Pallikaros

IMG_5621Lads from our gym
IMG_5583 IMG_5581

PT Welsh


Michael James 


Sas Heirati

IMG_5449Andrew Coulson
IMG_5439My Boy

DY Nutrition Team

Group PhotoNat

Nat (Dr Zaks)

eating breadKai Greene
wpid-20140518_164259.jpgJay Cutler


Dr Zaks

Alice Matos

Zak and Dorian


Kris Gethin


Marika Johansson –  Gethin



Dana Linn Bailey


Phil Heath and Andrew Coulson


Me and my boy at Temple Gym

20140515_182809Zaks Motor


Andy Torres


The Terrible Twins


Carla Curva


Sergi Constance




Jason Corrick


Scott Herman


Mark Felix


Steve Davies


Shawn Rhoden


Dusty Hanshaw




Dorian Yates


Temple Gym

20140519_141633 20140519_141723


wpid-20140519_135850.jpg wpid-20140519_135916.jpg wpid-20140519_135935.jpg


wpid-20140519_135830.jpg wpid-20140519_135802.jpg wpid-20140519_140655.jpg wpid-20140519_135818.jpg

Pizza Hut after an epic busy weekend!


Signed DVDs


Sunday night (just before midnight) me and Andrew Torres decided to plan a training session at Temple Gym. We met up on the Monday morning and headed off to The Dungeon for a bit off a mess about training and to get some pictures before going home. We have been looking forward to training with Andy for a long time and we are happy that Temple Gym was the place that got us together to train. Here’s a long video showing most of the training and more importantly we wanted to record this video all the way through for our own personal viewing. We will put it out there for others to watch, but we genuinely don’t think others will understand how much of a brilliant experience it was!

There are so many other things that I could ramble about for hours, I just feel that most of it I can keep in my head and heart without needing to bore anyone else to death with it.

(The post about aims and what I would love to do)

I need to thank everyone that was part of this weekend! Everyone I met at the stand were amazing! I have learnt a lot from this experience and I will show what I have learnt on a daily basis. Being surrounded by the people I love is simple incredible. I don’t have words for what happened just yet, but I have emotions. I know there are so many people I have to thank and typing this is a poor way of doing it I know. THANK YOU to everyone for a dream that I/we will never forget!!!

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