Future Goals, Aims, Supplements…

I have a few things that I would like to accomplish over the next few years. I know that writing them down here is just talking about it and not actually doing it, but I find that if I type something on my blog and keep it private until I’ve thought about it, then I am usually quite interested or intrigued with what is going around in my head. Therefore making it public and then working towards my goals.

What I plan to accomplish and why I want to do it;

  • Compete as a natural bodybuilder – If it’s my own personal goal, then I can compete at whatever package I want to compete with. If I come last, I really don’t care! If I get up on the stage then I have already accomplished more than sitting at home thinking about competing. I hope to do what I already enjoy doing for the next few years and see where it leads me.


  • Help others – I’ve realised just how rewarding it is to help others. It’s difficult getting into a position that allows you to help others at my level, but it’s not just about bodybuilding that ‘helping others’ can be beneficial. Creating opportunities that allows me to help others is extremely rewarding, even if it is just typing on here and someone seeing it and finds something helpful that they can take away with them and do something positive with. I also find that going beyond bodybuilding and using this in everyday life is just as rewarding.


  • Enjoy the sport – I can list several things that I love about this sport. The ones I can’t list are the things I feel emotionally and passionately within the sport. Bodybuilding is very hard to explain to people that don’t understand it. They jump straight to the negatives which they use as an excuse to not experience the benefits from bodybuilding/fitness. It’s a sport that isn’t just about living healthier, having a positive mental state, discipline, pride, passion, goals, looking better, feeling better, it’s also about enjoying the sport.


Clearly I want to build muscle over the next year and that’s what I hope to do. Once I get my diet back on track for bulking, I’ll be happy. I have the problem at the moment where I’m really struggling with my diet. I knew this would happen as it’s very hard to maintain the level of discipline that I had during my cut. On the other hand, I don’t need to keep the level of discipline either. I want to be a dad that can eat an ice cream with my kids and take them out for a meal as a family. I love eating food, junk food! I haven’t got a bad diet at the moment, I just haven’t been able to prepare my meals as much as I would have liked to, due to all the travelling over the last 2 weeks(which is not a bad thing at all). I have a close eye on my body and I will soon have my bulking diet back on track by mid week. (Today would have been a great diet if I didn’t have an ice cream, I can’t kick myself for that though)

Bulking – this is going to be my first year that I can actually put on fat to bulk. All the previous years have been bulking fat on top of fat. I hope to stay bellow 12 stone for the next 3 months and see where it leads me. My metabolism has increased a massive amount since I started to eat more food. I just need to stick to a good diet with bits of junk thrown in. I will not eat junk food to use as a bulking aid.

I have a great supplement stack at the moment which allows me to take advantage of my bodies capabilities on a mental and physical level.



  • Using NoxPump before a workout gives me a serious motivational buzz and a crazy pump/blood flow.
  • GHBlast gives me such a deep sleep that I wake up feeling like I have been asleep for days.
  • Formass is excellent for post workout due to the simple carbs allowing the body to absorb the protein/carbs more quickly.
  • DYnamino is what I use during my workout. This is a formula that I can drink during the workout which helps reduce fatigue and keeps the muscles strong during the workout. It also helps with my recovery times.
  • Tempro is a high quality protein that contains 7 types of protein with different release times. I like to have this with my breakfast, before training or before bed. If I need one in the day, I will have one.
  • Creagen is a time released creatine that is an excellent addition to my stack. This helps me with recovery and gives me an increase in strength.

(Be careful with these supplements though as they are very potent and you don’t need more than what’s recommended)

I don’t use BlackBombs at the moment as I really want to bulk and that stuff just burns away the fat. This is not what I want at the just now, as I just want to try and put some fat on to help me with energy and build some muscle.

Granted that this looks more like an advertising page for products, but if you look through my blog you will see that I have had these products before, along with many others that I have tried. I have now settled on what works for me and that’s what I’m showing you here. I also like to make note of what I’m using so that I can go back to what I know helps me.


My main focus points at the moment are my traps and lat spread. I will work everything else just as hard, but I have now created a better routine to help me build the parts I feel I need to improve on the most at this moment in time. Every month I will monitor my progress and see where I am.



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