Back, Shoulders, Triceps…

  • Medium Grip Seated Lat pulldowns – 28kg x 20, 42kg x 10, 56kg x 8 failure
  • Pull Overs (Machine) – 60kg x 12, 75kg x 10 failure
  • Pull Down hammer strength machine – 80kg x 10, 80kg x 8 failure
  • Iso Row- 60kg x 8, 80kg x 8 failure
  • Rear Delt on peck deck – level 6 x 12, level 9 x 12 failure
  • Seated Rows shoulder hammer grip – 45kg x 12,60kg x 10
  • Shoulder press machine – 25kg x 12, 45 x 8 failure
  • Iso lat raise machine – level 5 x12, level 7 x 12 failure
  • Tricep V Extension machine 25kg x 20, 57kg x 15, 77kg x 12 failure
  • Rope push down – 4 plates x 12, 5 plates x 10 failure
  • Shrug diamond bar – 40kg x 12, 80kg x 10 failure
  • Shrug smith machine – front 50kg x 15, rear 40kg x 15, front 90kg x 15 failure

*Failure includes helped reps where possible*

This post is simply for me to look back on. It’s probably the first time I have actually trained to a higher level since I started the gym. When we started the gym this year, we had to get used to the equipment and settle in. This took a month and half. From this point I was cutting and my body wasn’t having the fuel it needed for a powerful workout.

My main focus from now on is to eat well and lift heavier. By making a note each month of every exercise I do and what weight I do, I can keep tab on my strength to weight ratio and work out how my body reacts to what I am doing. As I am now taking a good supply of supplements, I hope to see some positive changes in my recovery time, energy and focus. Today was an excellent day for focus, strength and mind to muscle connection. As I have my mind set on building muscle rather than cutting the fat, I know that I don’t have to stress over an injury that could set me back from lifting heavier weights. I will evaluate everything at the end of June.

Change of split from/to

Chest +Biceps / Chest + Shoulders

Back + Triceps / Back + biceps + Triceps

Shoulders + Legs / Legs

We will do 2 sets for each exercise and aim for 6-8 reps upper body and 12-15 reps lower body. Hopefully we can hit the gym 4 days a week towards the end of the year, which will allow us to split the body parts up again. In all honesty though, I like this way of training.




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