VLog 31/05/2014

I have to create a way to make bulking fun, competitive and worth while progression wise. I am just making final plans of what I need to do in order to tick all the boxes that I have made up. By monitoring just my body weight, my weights/sets/reps in the gym. I feel that I will be a good indication from the results with how my body is changing/adapting to what I hope to achieve. I have to do everything on a monthly basis and so I will stick to the same routine every session for the first month and then change things around as needed. Here’s a plan of what I will be setting out to do. It still needs to be worked on so it is easier for me to use as a tool to measure my progress. I know that I don’t have to do all this, but I like to do it. I find it extremely rewarding and enjoyable following my journey like this.

Plans… chest

back day



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