Weight Dilemma…

I know that listening to the weighing scales are a waste of time when you are trying to accurately measure progress. I have put on 15lb in just 1 month and I have 2 completely different approaches mentally to this weight increase.

First Though… (For Bulking)

  • I need to put on fat to allow me to build muscle
  • I now have energy
  • I’m sleeping much better
  • I have more strength and endurance in the gym
  • My testosterone levels have gone through the roof
  • I couldn’t maintain that level of body fat for long
  • etc etc


Second Though… (for Cutting)

  • I’m getting fat again
  • All that hard work for nothing
  • I wanted to be ripped for summer
  • It’s sunny and I want to take my top off
  • etc etc

Do I over look things? 

No! I like to experiment and make plans and then do my best to execute those plans. What I am doing now is simply thinking out loud. 99% of the time I figure out my answer whilst typing on my blog. Like now, by typing down what my basic options are. I have already figured out that the first thought is clearly not for the present and is simply a plan to work hard for next year.

The second thought is more to the point that I have finished, I am happy and I just want to be happy today.

I want to gain a little bit of size for next year. I have set many short term goals, but I have even bigger long term goals. I want to do something next year before the end of my 30th Birthday. That has always been a dream for me and if I want to fulfil that dream, I need to be in a position where I can better myself to the best of my ability and do what I need to do.

I think it’s quite clear that the first thought is the way to go for me. I need to grow and not sit back letting time pass by. On the other hand it’s not just about growing to get bigger as fast as I can. If I wanted that then I would have steroids to help me. I’m enjoying the sport naturally as I’m doing now and I need to fulfil my natural dream rather than skipping part of my journey that means just as much to me. The time will come when I feel confident enough to use sport enhancement drugs, but for now I’m just enjoying the whole sport.

I know what I need to do and I will get some final plans together today and work on them over the next month. I like to make plans for the simple reason it gives me a path to try to travel along. Waking up confused with several options in my head is no good. A set path it what I need and then I need to stick to it and that’s the hard part!

My solid plan is to monitor my food (which I have already started. I’m eating chicken and rice now) and strength. I have a plan of action and will stick with it for a month at least. It’s crucial for me to monitor everything for at least a month and see where I’m going. Expect a lot of similar posts every other day on here from me.

I have so much in my head and I will get it all out over the next week.


One month at a time…




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