02/06/2014 Chest, Shoulders, Abs – Week 1

chest 2

Focused, Stronger, prepared to make a starting point on the new part of my new journey.


Today is the start of something new. I’m already confident that what I am doing will benefit me and here’s why…

When I don’t have a goal, I give up when I’m ready to give up. By recording my reps/weights etc I know that If I’m close to last weeks numbers, I can do just that one extra rep or just that 1 extra pound on the exercise to beat it.

For example.

  • Friday I did 20 leg raises, this week I did 25.
  • Friday I did 11 plates oblique crunches for 20 reps. Today I did 12 plates for 20 reps.


If I get close to beating last weeks numbers, I can push harder to make sure I do beat the number. I know that this isn’t going to work every week as I am going to be worn out. Now is the best time to do it as I am at my lowest point and just starting to lift heavier and be more focused. Over the next few weeks I will be getting back to where I was before my cut. I should be able to progress quite well with my laid out plans.

My food is going to be 100% this week as I really need to get everything nailed down in order to monitor my progress efficiently. Half doing the job isn’t going to give me the full picture that I’m looking for.



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