13/06/2014 Quads, Hamstrings, Calves– Week 2


11.13 stone (body fat around 10% approx)


I’m really pleased with today’s training again. After just warming up I felt quite sick with the heat. The whole workout was about pushing as hard as possible without making a mess by being sick. When I was doing lunges on the smith machine, I put the bin in front of me as I was really finding it hard with the heat in the gym. Lunges on the smith machine left my quads very fatigued and this left me crawling on the floor at one point.

So far I have been progressing with weights in the gym that I’m lifting and also the reps I am completing. I know that this will come to an end soon, but for now, I need to keep pushing whilst the times are good. I feel that I have broke that mental barrier of holding back and this is all down to my little note pad that I am using to help me push that little bit harder.

I am not fatiguing in the gym like I was a few months back and when I do hit failure, it doesn’t seem to spring on me in just one rep. I had hit a point where the one rep would be easy and the next would be impossible. This was happening on just about everything and it would catch me out without warning. Now I feel that I am fatiguing and I know if I am going to hit failure and then my training partner will be prepared to help me pump out a few extra reps where possible.

Again, this is just part of my personal journey that I share publicly…  


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