Temple Gym Training Legs With Paz

This has been in the making for 4 years or so. Me and Paz have been friends for some time and we met through gaming. We have met up a few times in the past for other reasons such as gaming conventions etc, but we have always talked about training together. This time we decided to meet up at Temple Gym and finally train together on a casual, yet serious leg session.

Me and Paz trained legs whilst my wife recorded us training. We had plenty of giggles whilst training and even more after training. We took it serious, but only to the point where we didn’t lose the fun element.

Paz has focused his fitness on cycling over the last year. I think he said this was the first time he had trained legs with weights this year, as he has been working his muscles more for endurance cycling.

Whilst we were in Temple Gym for the weekend, Paz took a fair few pictures that will be up on his blog/facebook very soon. Keep an eye out for a link that I will post up on here at some point so you can get to see more of Temple Gym.

Here’s some snippets of how it went…


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