End of Week 4 Notes – Look Back


  • Decline smith 60kg x 8 drop 40kg x 4 – 80kg x 6 drop 40kg x 8
  • Seated HS press 90kg x 8 – 120kg x 4+2
  • Incline dumbbell 32.5kg x 6 – 32.5kg x 8 drop 17.5kg x 8


  • Medium Pull Downs 77kg x 6(TH) – 70kg x 8
  • Pull overs 70kg x 9 – 85kg x 9
  • HS Pull downs 80kg x 10 – 100kg x 8
  • Iso row 70kg x 8 – 90kg x 8
  • Narrow seated rows 60kg x 7 – 70kg x 8
  • Bentover barbell 100kg x 6 – 110kg 6
  • Rear delts L9 x 10 – L10 x 6
  • Shrugs diamond 80kg x 16 – 100kg x 20
  • Shrug smith 80kg x 15 – 100kg x 12


  • Iso V 77kg x 12 – 91kg x 10


  • Leg Extensions L15 x10 – L18 x 13
  • Leg Press 160kg x 12 – 220kg x 8
  • Hack Squat – 60kg x 10 – 60kg x 12


  • Leg Curl Front L12 x 15 – L13 x 9
  • Leg Curls Seated L12 x 7 –L13 x 8


  • Calve standing L20 + 120kg x 15 – L20 + 160kg x 20
  • Seated Calves 50kg x 20 – 55kg x 20


  • Raise 15 straight leg – 20 straight leg
  • Side pull L12 x 20 – L15 x 20
  • Weighted Crunch L13 x 20 – L15 x 20

Nothing here is exact. I have counted the forced reps in my first few weeks and changed the format of how I counted my reps at a later date.

What I am doing here is making note of what I’m lifting on set days to allow me to break away from my comfort zone. I find it quite easy to hit the gym and lift the same weight, with the same reps each week. I get the feeling of a good workout, but I know I can do more, I just don’t feel like I need to as I get my weight/rep range.

By making notes for just the last 4 weeks I can clearly see that I can push harder when I have a reason too. My reason now is a simple philosophy which is to reverse what I did in my cut and adapt it to bulking. I personally feel that making note guides me to push harder. I use it as my own personal trainer.

When I used to hit the gym I would use a warm up weight and then do a heavy but comfortable weight for me for 6-8 reps. Now I look at my paper and see what I did before and try to program my mind on beating these numbers through reps or weight. I’m not obsessing over the weight/reps I lift as that will just end in poor form, poor contraction and poor results.

My strength has gone up since my cut an incredible amount. (Quite obviously as my calories have been upped a huge amount too) Every exercise I do has much more weight on and even more reps.

Time will tell if what I’m doing is benefiting me and if it does or doesn’t then at least I can see what I was doing in the gym and correct that wherever possible.


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