My Week 7 Plan…

After 6 weeks of pushing myself as hard as I can by adding more weight, more reps and keeping as much tension on the muscles as possible, I feel that my body is now asking me to have a rest.

My goal has simply been to better myself and to see how hard I really am challenging myself. I feel confident to say that the last 6 weeks have shown that I can push harder, If I can control my mind to allow my body to cope with more stress.

As I planned out 6 weeks of improved training, I knew that I would need a week rest after the 6 weeks due to my nervous system needing a rest from the stress. I have an idea for this week which should allow me to let my body receive less stress and it should give me an indication of how I have progressed in the last 6 weeks. (If I have progressed)

Week 7 plan…

I am going to go back to the weight I was lifting at the beginning of the 6 weeks and see how I find that now, compared to how I found it back then. I hope to see an improvement on the amount of repetitions I can perform on each exercise as the weight will be dropped quite a lot through most of the exercises. I know this isn’t a rest, but I think a higher rep week may trigger a shock to the muscles and maybe kick them from a normal routine and allow them to respond better to heavier training there after.

If you follow my blog, you may know that I am creating my own path and discovering things as my journey unfolds. This whole process is another way of monitoring where I’m going and how my body responds to different nutrition and exercise.

I will put all my reps finding side by side in a table for me to refer back to over time. I find that by monitoring myself I push harder and I am already focused on what I need to do in the gym.



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