14/07/2014 Casual Week

I’m pleased that I planned this week to be my light week as I feel rotten. I seem to have a nasty case of hay fever and sunstroke. I’ve had terrible sleeps over the weekend and last night I don’t think I slept at all with feeling sick and being in discomfort etc.

Am I making up excuses?

The whole point of having a 6 week plan of pushing as hard as I can was so that I know there is going to be an easy week on week 7 to let my body recover. As my body is completely run down (which I knew would happen) I have no choice but to have an easier week lifting.

As I pushed as hard as I could Friday doing legs, I knew that I was at my very peak and I was going to suffer from training beyond my comfort zone. I was right as I predicted and so I can now keep it casual in the gym.

How did today go?

Good! I didn’t push as hard as I have been and I never did that extra rep or 2. I kept my training at a more comfortable level that wont leave me aching for days as I’m already feeling quite sensitive with this hay fever or whatever it is.

Calm before the storm.

I have no choice but to step my game up next week as we will be training at Temple Gym on the Monday and Wednesday. I am now programming my mind and body to have an even better 6 weeks starting next week and I hope to push way past the failure zone. Heavier weights, more negative reps and focused training is what I have planned.

Todays training

I decided to do flat bench press today over decline and my body responded to it very well. I felt every rep work the muscle. I have a serious block at 100kg and I just can’t seem to get over it no matter how hard I try. I did 2 on my own and 2 assisted. I only wanted to try to see where I was compared to before and this answers my question. I may try it again when I feel better as today was pointless trying to do any special lifts with how I feel. However, if I want to try to pick a positive out of the lift, I can say that I am a stone lighter than the last time I did 100kg.



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