17/07/2014 Back, Biceps, Triceps – Week 7



12.2 stone

Today was one of the best days I have had in the gym since I started lifting. I went for a casual session and ended up just feeling more focused and stronger than usual. I went with the flow and did what I had to do. This was a BIG mistake!

I programmed my mind into having an easy week this week, as I had planned this out 6 weeks ago. The plan was to push as hard as possible for 6 weeks and then have a quiet week. This would allow me to push as hard as possible knowing that I can have an easy week and let my body fully recover. However, I didn’t stick to my plan and I came down with a stomach bug on the Wednesday night which left me on deaths doorstep for 24 hours. I lost 8lb in 12 hours from being sick and not eating/drinking and I now I have to miss leg day. I understand this can happen to anyone at any time though.

So, it’s rest till Monday and that’s when we are training down Temple Gym with a friend doing chest and shoulders. We are then doing back, biceps and triceps on the Wednesday. It’s always a very exciting time training down Temple Gym, especially when meeting new people and training together for the first time.

Lesson learnt! 

I need to stick to my plans, regardless to how much it pains me to not push myself. I know my body and I know that I can only push as hard as I can for so long before my body packs up.

*Please remember it’s my journey and these are the weights I’m lifting*



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