30/07/2014 Back, Biceps, Triceps + Diet – Week 9

The best possible way to measure my body fat at this stage is in the mirror. I will monitor myself Saturday by checking my body weight, skin fold test, pictures and measurements. I will then check this against what I am doing in the gym and compare it to the month before. I’m hoping that my strength is going up and my body fat is just creeping up. I don’t want to put too much body fat on and not increase in strength. My basic goal is to build muscle and keep my body fat low. My diet can be much better and every time I add something to my food diary I can see that I need to sort it out and I am very aware of it.

We have a food delivery coming Friday which will allow me to keep a much better diet. However, I am aware of my diet at present and my mind simply won’t allow me to cut the bits of junk out just yet. Friday I know I have to sort it out and I will!








wpid-20140730_110016_47352.jpg wpid-20140730_110016_23634.jpg wpid-20140730_110016_61168.jpg wpid-20140730_110151.jpg


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