13/08/2014 Back, Biceps, Triceps + Diet + Video – Week 11

My diet

I feel that I have a diet that is good for me mentally and is enjoyable. I don’t seem to have had any excessive fat build up and I feel that I am getting stronger. I have run this type of diet for 2 months and I believe that it is casual, yet good for me. I have plenty of room to improve my diet and I will when I need to. (if I see a sudden increase of body fat) as for now I feel in control of my body and mind when it comes to my diet.

When I have big meals, it really messes up my 2-3 hour eating schedule as I’m too full to eat my next meal. Little and often is the way for me to go, although I do love to have some big meals.


Training has been going from strength to strength since I stopped my cut. I have put on roughly 13lb since I was at my lowest point when I cut. For the last 11 weeks I have gave it my all in the gym and I know that I can’t do any more with the knowledge I have. Time will tell if I’m on the right track. If I’m not then I will fix it for next year.




I have a big mental issue with the width of my lats. When I did my pictures in May, I scrunched up my body to show my abs rather than trying to open up my lats and make myself bigger. I have had a little go at opening my lats up at the gym today and I still don’t quite understand how to do it… especially when I don’t have lat width to allow me to show them.

My body fat is at it’s highest point since my cut. I may put on a tad more body fat over the next 4 months, but I feel that anything I put on now is just going to be excess fat that I will have to remove.

wpid-pho2to.jpg wpid-ph3oto.jpg






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