15/08/2014 Quads, Hamstrings, Calves+ Diet – Week 11


12.1 stone


Todays leg session went really well. After doing squats with a barbell last week for the first time this year, I managed to do 6 reps of 120kg today. My previous one rep max on the barbell squat is only 142.5kg I feel that if I did squats after warming up, I may be able to beat my personal best.

The question is, why do I need to beat it? I don’t need to beat it, as I feel that my body responds better to reps rather than a single heavy rep. I used to do more power lifting when I was at my old gym and so 1rm (One Rep Max) was important. I will keep adding a kg per week if my strength is up, so I can progress with the weight I’m lifting.



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