Party At The Gym And Future Plans…

I was at my old gym for 2 and a half years. I bonded with the other members and got set in a way that allowed me to feel comfortable. The lads were great there and stuck together for years and years. They helped me out in other ways than just in the gym, they looked after me outside the gym if needed and that’s why I really didn’t want to leave there. Fortunately I felt that I needed to leave my comfort zone to allow me to progress forward. 



My wife was advised to start training at a gym rather than training at home. We both decided to check out a gym that was much further away from our house than where I was at the moment. I looked at this gym 6 months before we joined and I felt quite intimidated at the time. This was all in my head though and how bodybuilding is portrayed through media that got me thinking like this.

As I/we have now had enough time to settle in the gym we realise that it is the best thing I did. Leaving the old gym to start fresh with the wife as my training partner and surrounding ourselves with a broader community with a competitive nature was going to open new doors for us.

A couple of months after starting storm-gym, a chap called Rob was going for his first competition and I followed his journey every Wednesday night till the day of the competition. This is one of the things that I really wanted from a gym. I wanted to get involved with other members and take knowledge as well as giving whatever I can back to the gym at the same time.

We have been there now for 8 months and as the gym is 5 years old, the owners decided to have a bit of a gathering to just get people mingling with each other and have a bit of fun as a community.

As there is a big car park at the front of the building, they set up a tent with a  BBQ and disco. It was fully loaded with food and drink. One of the members owns a butchers which he supplied all the food. Another chap had a disco so he came along and did that.

We went as a family and let the kids run wild for a few hours. We got talking to some new folk and caught up with some of the people we already knew. One of the chaps was nominated to get soaked for ALS and so that was a great excuse to have a good laugh on his behalf. Ian was a good character during the soaking and a it was the first time we met him yesterday, although we did try to arrange a meeting a few weeks ago. (Ian is a natural bodybuilder that looks incredible when competing)


It was a cracking afternoon out and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A big thanks to all the team that organised it and we are proud of be part of a great gym!


I got chance to talk to the gym owner yesterday and also Rob. I think we are going to compete at NABBA May 2015 in our different categories. This is very exciting and either way I am going to better myself for my own personal competition for May, even if it’s in my own front room again.

Why NABBA and not a Natural competition?

If I go for a natural competition expecting to compete against naturals and I find myself up against people that have been using some sort of enhancements, I will feel gutted and cheated regardless of my place. If I go to a comp that I know I’m up against people I have no chance with, I will just go to enjoy it! Also at NABBA there will be three of us (or more) that will be competing but in different categories. This basically means that we will be going to support each other and it may take away the stress of being on my own.

I have 2 choices. Compete on my own as a first timer at a show that may not be natural or be with my gym buddies and have a great day out!

Nothing is set in stone yet. the only thing I’m sure on is gaining knowledge and discovering all aspects of the sport/lifestyle.




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