29/08/2014 Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Abs +Diet + New Personal Best – Week 13

Today has been a great day. I finally managed to hit a squat of 150kg for 3 reps. I have been working towards a 150kg barbell squat for the last 2 years. I moved away from the barbell and moved to machines for legs in January 2014. After squatting with a barbell for 3 weeks, I have finally managed to do 150kg. the best part is that I managed 3 reps too after doing extensions, leg press and hack squat!

I don’t do any single rep exercises now as I am aiming to bodybuild rather than power lift. However, I finished my reps of squats and just tried it for the hell of it. I’m not going to try and beat 150kg for a while, but I am going to progress rep wise with 110-140kg.

It is always exciting when accomplish something that I have had in mind for a long time as it shows progression. Thinking about it, when I got my last personal best of 145kg for one rep, I did this as a stepper stage of single reps right up to my max. This time I had already exhausted my legs and only did 2 full sets before the final push to hit one rep of 150kg. Hitting 3 reps is an incredible achievement FOR ME! When I hit 145kg before, I was over a stone heavier too if that counts.

This is the thing with bodybuilding, I seem to have a very stale patch for a few weeks or months and then I find something like this and it gives me such a massive boost. Clearly I don’t do all this for a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and it comes before anything else that I have choice over.





11.13 stone



I have been eating a reasonably decent diet over the last week but I have not recorded all of my food because I just haven’t been bothered too. sometimes it’s difficult when it is a lifestyle and not something that I get excited over monitoring. It’s very annoying scanning bar codes and measuring portions 6-7 times a day. however, I feel that I need to monitor my diet as it is the most important part of my journey.

Clean it up

I have sorted my diet out now and swapped out the little enjoyable things that I eat. My night time will now consist of an extra meal of rice and chicken at 6pm and then a snack before bed.


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