04/10/14 Check-in Month 4

I have tidied up my diet and consume around 2500 calories a day from good foods rather than junk. I’m eating 6-7 meals per day and I seem to be improving in the gym. My diet is boring, but it seems to be working well for me. I am still monitoring everything I eat and lift, I just keep it private for now as I find it easier for myself.

I am roughly at the body fat I had when I was at around my 7th-9th week of cutting. I am not cutting at the moment, I am getting a very good base line of how my body reacts to taking in the correct amount of calories rather than piling on tons of excess fat that I was doing a few weeks back.

Skin Fold

  1. 11mm
  2. 8mm
  3. 13mm

My strength is incredibly different to the last time I had this body fat. For example my hack squat was 20kg for 8 reps. Now it is 100kg for 12 reps. Iso row was 40kg and now I’m doing 80kg with the same form and 105kg with less strict form. H/S chest press was 60kg for 8 and now I can do 120kg for 6.

What happens if my strength drops massively?

I can afford to put on body fat if need be, but I enjoy living every day with my body like this. I have plenty of room and supplements to add in my diet if need be.

Why do I want to stay lean?

Because I’m sick of carrying excess fat and thinking I’m ripped. At 18% body fat I thought I was ripped in the past.


  • Lower body fat
  • Stronger than I have ever been overall
  • Focused
  • Energised
  • Sleeping well
  • Happy in myself
  • In control of my body


  • Boring food (by choice)

I still haven’t weighed myself yet, at a guess I would say that I’m around 11 Stone 12 pounds/ 70.5kg. As I have no real baseline apart from what I did in May, I can only keep pushing myself to better where I was then. I believe that 4 weeks of strict diet and I could be back down below 10% body fat without much of a problem

Am I doing it right?

Am I doing what right? I’m enjoying what I’m doing inside and outside the gym. The rest is just a bonus!

 What supplements have I been on this month?

  • Tempro – Protein
  • GHBlast – night time recovery
  • NOX Pump – Pre workout

Next week I will get back on my Creagen. I have just been of it for a month as I like to do 6 weeks on and 4 off. I will also get back on my DYnamino for my intra workout.

Sizes in cm



My plan is to be my very best as a natural bodybuilder and if I’m not able to eat clean and be dedicated then I simply won’t step up my game to the next level. I will stay natural until I have a good solid foundation and understanding of myself before I look into steroids.

Pic on the left May 2014 / pic on right last week



My body is telling me that I am doing it right. I am quite lean and also at my strongest point. Mentally I feel good and I have my brain focused on my everyday goal. I just want to enjoy the sport and everything that comes with it.


I want to compete next May as a first timer natural. I will treat is as a competition and do my very best for what level I’m at and obviously I will continue to better myself for the year after that too. This will just be a start point if I go ahead with it. I had a very basic attempt at cutting and posing this year in my house and I would like to improve in every single way from where I was this year and do it on stage.



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