01/11/2014 Check – In Month 5

First thoughts;

  • Stronger
  • Leaner
  • More focused
  • Happy

This week I have been looking at myself in the mirror for the first time in a while and I took a few pics to compare with some older pictures.


Trying to pose my back better…




Body fat

Pic on the left is when I was at my peak cut in May. Pic on the right is now. I am clearly holding a bit more body fat now, but for the extra strength I have compared to when I cut, my daily attitude, focus and general well-being is incredibly better than then.

My diet is simple now and I do not do any cardio specific exercise. I eat what I feel like eating and this is determined on how my body feels at that moment in time. I won’t use the word bulking for what I’m doing, as I have done that many times in the past and just got fatter and fatter without gaining any strength. This time I am listening to my body and It seems to work well.

The word bulking is another way for me to say it’s time to relax, eat junk and palm on a ton of excess body fat and to be lazy with food. I’m not saying bulking is bad, but for me personally, a sensible diet is much more rewarding! If I had an extra 1000 calories a day I don’t think I would of gained much extra muscle anyway. I have always tried it before so that’s why I am confident to speak like this.



My legs have always been my most hated part of my body. The majority of my fat was held around my upper legs, stomach and bottom. This is something I know psychologically and now my mind has been programmed to push beyond my limits to improve them . I’m not saying that I have great legs, I’m simply saying that I’m slowly improving at my own rate.




I’m looking forward to progressing in all areas, but I’m mainly looking forward to cutting my body fat as far as I possibly can for May. Before then though, I would love to hit a 400kg leg press just for the hell of it. Dropping my body fat seems to be the rewarding part and I hope that I have a much better head start this time and a better understanding of how to eat a bit better to help my cut.

Skin fold

  1. 8mm
  2. 8mm
  3. 12mm

Bits this month

  • 350kg leg press
  • 140kg deadlift for 6 (at end of back, biceps and triceps session)
  • Failed 180kg deadlift  (at end of back, biceps and triceps session)


 Future Goals

Ok, I am looking forward to competing next year in any show. I’m doing what I have to do to be what will hopefully be my best and that’s what it’s all about. I am planning on giving it 100% to my knowledge and I have been planning it for a long time as I wanted to compete before the end of my 30th year.

Travelling, with FIBO a couple of weeks before the competition and BodyPower the week after the competition, we have a lot going on. I really do enjoy the expos and so it is going to be hard staying focused on competing. Nutrition is going to be very hard!

Whatever happens, I can always do my own pictures at home again like I did this year and compete in a natural show in July. I just want to compete in May as that’s my goal.


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