10/01/2015 Week 1 Cut



This is a more accurate reading of my body fat. I messed it up on New Year and I was well aware of that. 


This has been a tester week. It’s all about tweaking my diet and consuming as many calories possible, whilst losing the body fat. I am taking in around 300 carbs per day at the moment and the last time I had this much body fat whilst cutting I was on 80 carbs per day. I am eating as much as possible, whilst trying to lose the body fat. I have dropped 2lb since New Years day which is nothing, but I can feel the skin on my stomach is starting to tighten up.

It’s still early days, I have a lot that I can do with my diet and I still seem to have a enough strength and motivation to get through life. Again, the last time I was here I felt like death warmed up. I did go on a very strict (silly) diet and it did go on for 14 weeks though.

I want to be below 10% body fat by the end of January. I don’t go just off the scales, I use a few methods to monitor my own progress.



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