24/01/2015 End of Week 3 Cut

My diet is roughly where it was during the best times of my last cut. I am slowly cutting out the bits of junk and by the end of January I hope to be having 6-7 solid meals per day and even wake up and eat fish/chicken/beef/eggs etc

I haven’t really progressed well over the last 3 weeks and I haven’t been trying hard enough, to be fair with myself. It’s a slow process of cutting the bits out that I crave for and changing them to ‘boring foods’. I have a few ideas with meal preps that I have discovered since the last cut, that may make it a bit easier.

I’m not prepared to cut everything out my diet that makes me feel snappy all the time and which depresses me. I’ve set my goal date for the 14th of March. I can change this date but that wont make sense as I have to treat it as my own competition.

I don’t really need to cut to be honest. I just find it extremely challenging and it gives me time to study my diet and energy output. I love going to the gym, eating what I want and trying to get stronger. That’s the fun part that I really enjoy. Cutting is just depressing at times…

After checking myself today, I feel that I have had the kick I need to try a bit harder. There’s only 6 weeks left till my goal date and I’m much further behind than I first anticipated. I will be gutted if I have to move my goal date back to May as that will result in me not trying hard enough for what I want. Time is the key component and I hope to stick with it and get in my best shape possible naturally and without diuretics this time around.

I know what I need to do…



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