End Of Cut, New Plans, Pics etc

The last few days has been quite exciting. I’ve been wanting to drop the body fat and see what I could do with myself between January and mid march. I managed to get an opportunity which was the main part of this goal and that was to compete with myself, where I’m happy and comfortable.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want from the sport and what my short/long term goals are. My real focus and drive comes from wanting to build a huge knowledge base up from the sport and to help others change their life through health and fitness.

My next challenge is going to be about tweaking my diet to stay lean and build muscle. I will have this nailed over the next few weeks and I will continue to monitor myself monthly so I don’t stray to far from my goal.

This cut is around 6 weeks of easy dieting and walking for cardio. I’ve dropped around 14lb and that’s with just the use of BlackBombs, clean eating and determination. I found it very easy to get to this point and therefore know that I can switch on when need be and know that I can drop the fat without killing myself like I did last year.

I had a huge blow out snacking every single night towards the end of last year. I just ate the foods that are better alternatives to chocolate and potato crisps etc. For example, Quest bars over mars bars, Protein Bites over Walkers…


Week 1                                                                         Week 6
















































These pictures are from the end of 2014 and yesterday. I’ve dropped a good stone over the weeks and I haven’t really tried to be honest. It’s been very easy to lose that excess fat and I know how easy I can switch on and drop the fat if need be. I feel disheartened as I didn’t get to really push myself to get very low bodyfat, but my time will come one day when I really need to do it and all these feeling will power me through the hard times then.

I’ve said it many times before how much BlackBombs have helped me and that’s why I keep going on about them.

wpid-picsart_1424119030228.jpg wpid-picsart_1424121525389.jpg
















I have all my weeks pictures and measurements on it’s own page called ‘2015 cut’


My final stage to this cut was at Temple Gym. I wanted to be somewhere I was happy and with the people that I feel comfortable around. I’m a big fan of Dorians accomplishments and training style, so I had to focus on what I needed to do and that was to be down Temple Gym and have Dorian watch/help me. It’s now very clear to me what I need to do over the next year. I was sort of plodding along before to create a base that I could work on and now I feel that I can start to pin point certain areas and work on parts that are lacking which I wasn’t aware of before.

I have set another goal to work towards and this will keep me busy over the next year. I’m not going to do drastic weight fluctuations. I’m simply going to challenge myself to a clean lean bulk. I think It will be quite a challenge doing so, but It’s exactly what I want and need to do. I want to stay in reasonable condition and build muscle. Getting fat and building muscle isn’t much of a challenge or even something that interests me.

IMG_7540 IMG_7535








IMG_7809 IMG_7752









I know what I need to do and that in short is to build muscle naturally. I don’t find anything to do with the sport hard work or a chore to be honest and make the most of the knowledge I have at that given time and use it to try and better myself.

There’s 2 main things that I will be working hard on and those are my quads overall and my lat spread. I’m finding it difficult to spread my lats, yet I know I can do it because I have pictures of me doing it in the past. Practice makes perfect anyway, so I will continue to work on my poses forever. I find that posing gives me an excellent idea of all the muscle groups, how they work and what their functions are.

There is absolutely no doubt I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m on the right track and that’s what counts. Trial and error is my preferred method. I don’t need a quick fix, I need and want knowledge…

Last but not least, I’d like to just point out that we do 3-4 hours (closer to 3 hours) a week weight training max which covers all muscle groups. We usually blast through everything after a warm up set and every set after is full on. I’m really excited to get back in the gym with energy and even more excited to push past my limits and see what happens over the next few years…




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