04/04/2015 – General Ramble

The last month has been very relaxed in terms of diet. This is due to a number of reasons with the main one being the sickness bug passing through all of us. It’s been difficult and I can hold my hand up and say that I could not eat clean no matter how hard I tried. I had a huge craving for sugar and there was no stopping it.

I’m back on track now and I’ve only put on a sensible 6lb on since my lowest body fat a few weeks back. I would like to think that my diet is around 80% of what I plan it to be like and hopefully today or tomorrow I will be at 90%. I can’t be 100% with my diet as I don’t have that level of knowledge and so I need to leave space for improvement. This works in my head so that’s all I need right now.

I aim to drop a little bit of body fat over the next few weeks and I think I will do with a relatively relaxed diet. I’ll keep monitoring myself weekly and go from there.

I almost have my head back in the game and so I will challenge myself to see where I can get to over the next few weeks by eating as much as I can and dropping the body fat a little bit. Dropping the body fat fast is easy, I just want to try and do it right from what I have discovered with my body over the years.


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