05/05/2015 – Strength to Weight

I am currently carrying the least amount of body fat that I have ever had in my adult life. The question for myself is, how is my motivation inside and outside the gym?

My training is going really well. I haven’t noticed a drop in strength or focus during training and my head and body still have focus and energy outside the gym. I’m not trying to cut the body fat as such, I’m simply plodding along eating what I want, when I want to and sticking to a relatively sensible diet that I have found for myself over time.

Yesterday I went for 40kg incline dumbbell press and managed about 8 reps with help. I was very pleased with this as my max for reps is around 42.5kg. I though I was lifting 40kg and they are 47.5kg from what the owner says. This is great for my head as I know that if I focus hard enough in the gym, I can do what I set out to do. I was pleased by 40kg at this point to be honest.

The big day for me is leg day. This is what shows me how my body is performing with my diet. Last week I managed to do 380kg leg press, where my best is 400kg for reps. This time last year I wouldn’t even get to the leg press during my workouts as I were simply too fatigued from trying to lose the fat.

When I cut last year I had one goal in mind and that was to drop the body fat by any means possible. This year I haven’t had to try to drop the body fat and my strength is still good for being at my lowest body fat percentage.

I am very happy with where I am now and I want to keep a relatively low body fat all year round. I understand that I need to up my calories enough to build muscle, but with what I’m doing now, I think I can keep my body fat low and build lean muscle over the years. Obviously I will have a few bad weeks and this is normal for me. My goal is not about getting fat all year round and then cut for a show. I want to be happy daily and if I then fancy a show I will go for one. I ain’t focusing my life on a show that doesn’t really interest me at the moment. I simply want to do a show when I’m ready and not focusing my life on just one day. (As it stands at this moment in time)

Another note to pick up on is my condition. Sure I may look ok in a photo under good lighting and after training, but I know for a fact that I would never dream of walking on stage holding this much fat. Condition is something that fascinates me and unless my fat is sub 5% I will never do a show. I know naturally this will be challenging as it is for most bodybuilder who are on all sorts of enhancements, and that is simply why I won’t think about competing yet.



**Update** 09/05/2015

I held fire before releasing this blog post as I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a fluke session like I do sometimes and then end up being ill the next day. Fortunately I had a great week of training and I’ve managed a new personal best leg press of 402.5kg + the cradle for reps. This is excellent as I have also done my weekly weigh-in this morning and I am at my lowest body fat percentage that I have ever had and my strength is up and I’m not on a strict weight loss diet either. I can maintain this for most of the year round without too much problem.


To sum it up, I’m leaner, stronger and hold a little bit more muscle than I did a year ago after cutting. I’m happy with how it’s going and that’s what counts…


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