01/03/2016 – Good Things Going

After a simple wake up call, I basically stopped eating meat this time last week. It’s only been a week, yet my body fat is dropping and my head is in a really good place. I am off all supplements and have been for around 4-5 months. The only supplement I have started back up is Creatine, simply because I’m not getting it from meat. I haven’t ate any meat products for a week and I have absolutely no intention to touch them any time soon.

I was a bit scared to venture into the world of bodybuilding as a meat free eater, everything I read is telling me I have to eat meat to grow. I was quite concerned with my macro split as I was under the impression I needed much more protein than I have decided I need now and I was concerned with the amounts of nuts and seeds I need to consume to get my daily protein in. (there’s many more products than nuts and seeds) I was expecting my macros to be more 45% fat, 45% carbs, 10% protein. After just one week of having a look around in the shops, I easily found the food I was after.

My biggest issue was with how much protein I thought I needed. I got most of this crazy ideas from magazines and the so called natural athletes that are online. After reassessing everything I have been following, I strongly believe I got sucked into the commercial side of bodybuilding. I never really thought about it before as I was happy with how things were going at the time. My priority at the moment is to cut a bit of fat. I think this is the hard part of being vegetarian as most the products I eat contain higher fat and carb contents than my previous meat meals, although these fats and carbs are good!

My diet has been completely redesigned and I am very happy with what I eat and how my body is accepting it. I don’t need to worry about supplements, meat, steroids or anything else at the moment and as I’ve been off supplements for quite a few months, I can see exactly how my body is going to react to my new diet.

I don’t want to say much more as I’m still new to what I am trying and it will take time for me to decide if this is a better path for me… In all honesty, the nutritious values of my meals now are fulfilling my supplement needs. I have also used supplements up to where I am now and I have also ate meat religiously up to now. I think this is very important for people to understand as I’ve already built a basic base to work upon. I may be getting a bit soft in my old age, but animals lives are meaning much more to me than me standing on a stage in my pants to feed my ego.



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