25/03/2016 – Enjoying The Meat Free/Ramble

I have just checked my diary to see when I last ate meat and it’s already been over a month. In all honestly, it’s been simply easy!

The problem I thought I would come across with becoming meat free would be my protein intake. I previously blogged about how much protein is forced upon us in the bodybuilding world. I’m sure steroid users require a lot more protein than a natural athlete and fortunately I’m natural and decided that following enhanced users is ridiculous and is not what I really need.

Why meat free?

Just for a change to be honest. I feel that the bodybuilding world for natural athletes is very misleading and it’s took me six years to figure out that just about everything I’ve followed has been largely blown way out of proportion and I have to completely rework everything I believed. Enhanced users or experts won’t be reading my diary/blog and so this is just for me as reference as always.

Why no steroids?

It’s not my goal. I wanted to originally lose a bit of fat, I feel that I have done well to get here and I pleased to have dedicated a large portion of my adult life to pursue my happy place physique wise. Also, I have never met a steroid user that swears down by taking them.

Why not take the easy route?

To become a successful bodybuilder, you ideally need to take enhancements. I think steroids and bodybuilding go hand in hand and without both of these, it’s very hard to become successful. I salute anyone that puts the dedication into training, diet and steroids.

What do I want out of the sport?

Not really anything from the sport. I have met some incredible folk that I would call very good friends and some I call family. I love bodybuilding, however, I can’t stand the lies, politics and magic potions/workouts that folk are just trying to make money from. I also understand business is business.

Regarding supplements, yes they are good if used right! I had extremely good strength gains from a good supplement stack and I had very good results from fat loss supplements. I can’t argue the fact that supplements made me feel like a real bodybuilder. I loved mixing and using them throughout the day, it definitely set my mind and body up for a good workout. The big problem I now realise I had was my diet. I used all the supplements yet my diet was still poor and lacking variety. I’ll talk more about this below…

My diet now…

My diet now has a massive variety of meat free products. Once I am sure I’m on the right track I will do a blog explaining why and how I changed my diet. I’m consuming MUCH more than with a basic chicken and veg diet. In fact, I absolutely love my new diet. I have even been able to have chilli sauce for the first time in years without it ripping my stomach into bits and I’ve had veggie meals in Nando’s.

Body fat…

This is the weird yet good part. My body fat has dropped noticeable over the last month, yet I’m eating more and my body weight ain’t budging. I have a long way to go to be what I class as ‘shredded’ I’m on the path to it though and May time I hope to be into the single digit fat percentage, through my own calculations. I’m still figuring out my diet and what I enjoy and so on, this will go on for a while before I find my happy place food wise and what works for me. I can cut a load of food out my diet if I need to drop body fat a bit quicker. I think the problem will be dropping fat when I reach around the 10% mark. We will see though and I will reserve my full judgement on a basic meat free diet if I get to where I hope to be.

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