28/04/2016 – Instant Abs-formation

Personally, I find the fitness world to be a nice little way of false advertising to lure people into spending money with lies and good marketing. The world of protein has now gone crazy and you can get just about anything that contains this magic potion called protein. Anyway, I’m going off topic, what I want to talk to myself about today is false advertising with the use of Photoshop and other magical ways of promoting some more junk.

I’m going to post a picture below that was taken seconds apart. The one is over exaggerated as a bloated stomach and the other is tensing my abs and a few tweaks to the colour (on my phone app) to exaggerate the lines. It’s only good to be honest I guess as I have nothing to hide now I am at the bottom of my game.*

It’s all great posting photos when I’m happy with how I look (due to several reasons), yet it’s rarely the case that I feel happy and comfortable to post pictures at any given time, as I just don’t feel confident enough to do so. The problem with this is people get the wrong impressions and try to chase an illusion with false hopes. I’m just trying to be there for people like myself that are starting a journey and are constantly being disheartened with their lack of progress compared to others taking a different path. I’ve been blessed during my journey as I have stuck to my own goals and dreams, dismissing others ideas of what I want for myself. If anything I’ve made things harder for myself as the years go by. This is no problem for me though as I’ve found my happy place and it certainly ain’t on stage.

If I ain’t pumped up and surrounded by good lighting, I just look like I don’t lift, I look thin and that’s it. I’m happy on a path to discovery and that’s it really. I know my ‘gains’ are going to be minimal for the remaining time I do this sport, does that bother me? No, not at all. It’s a lifestyle I can keep doing for the rest of my life. All I have to do is lift and eat, fantastic! Just imagine if I started up meat, supplement, steroids and a bit harder HIT… At least I can only move forward from this place if I ever feel like I need to.

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*Bottom of my game?

No supplements, no meat, no goals, no steroids.


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