BodyPower 2016 Pro Show + Round up

Another year and another excuse to catch up with friends and to meet new ones. This year has been different for us as we went to went to watch the BodyPower Pro final on Friday night, which was excellent! Parking was free and right next to the venue (always a win) the crowd were buzzing and the atmosphere was great! There were a few exciting times such as Ronnie Coleman being in front row and having everyone sing him happy birthday, Kai Greene coming along and Phil Heath having a little banter with him and the crowd being a great support with banter and praise. I’ve linked a few videos below which may give you a better idea of how it went down.

Saturday was chilled with family and on the evening we went to the **new** Temple Gym (19 Kenyon Street, Jewellery Quarter, B18 6AR) This was a great night, mingling with new folk, catching up with friends, making future plans for a big meet up, experiencing the new building and soaking up the vibe. All the old and best equipment is now set up there, along with a seriously good sound system and some top of the range cardio equipment. You will understand when you visit the place. Follow them on instagram and you will see how some other big names have already been throwing their weight around. Temple Gym Instagram

Sunday was again different, as I decided to take my boy and my eldest daughter. I went with the mind set that I would follow them around and let it be all about them experiencing what I enjoy, as I’m sick to death of doing what they want to do. hehe. They really enjoyed it and it was definitely a good experience. I knew I wouldn’t be able to queue to meet the athletes due to the little one getting bored and with this in mind, we kept it casual and it was fun. I guess some folk may complain about every stand trying to out do the next stand by turning the music up as loud as possible, but this was great as it sounded crisp and it worked well. It’s when they have awful sound systems that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I’ve put some of the pictures up below to look back on as I do every year. It’s been a cracking weekend and I always look forward to this show and as far as shows go, it’s definitely the one I hope to attend every year. Great line up of athletes and just generally buzzing! I have so much more to add once I sort it out…



20160515_110243 20160515_110336 20160515_110554 20160515_113249 20160515_115156 20160515_115217 20160515_115810 20160515_120224 20160515_121808 20160515_122228A kiss from Gal (he had is mouth full of Protein Bites when I took the picture) 20160515_12251020160515_123102 20160515_124145 20160515_132132 20160515_135039 20160515_151415 20160514_171453
20160514_174053 20160514_185208 20160514_230906 20160515_075547 20160515_095956 20160515_104540(0)






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