17/05/2016 – Now For The Hard Part

I have no trouble with getting my body fat to around 10%. I used to dream of having sub 10% body fat and now I feel that I can easily achieve around 10% without having to sacrifice my tasty food and drink. I have been hovering around the same weight for some time and I know that I need to change my diet around a bit in order to drop my body fat into the zone that I feel happy with. I hope to get my body fat as low as possible, simply to challenge myself and to figure out why people always ask the question, “where do you get your protein from”. Last year I just plodded along eating chicken (high protein, low carbs and low fat) with veg. Now it’s time to see what I can do without meat and fish…

I’m almost at my happy body fat level. This is the level where I keep on top of my diet, whilst still feeling good. Once I hit the point where I have to drop the last bit of fat (for example, to get into show condition) then it will be a struggle maybe. Hopefully by then I would have a better understanding of how I can carry on to reach my goal.

I believe I can get down to around 4 weeks out from a show without much issue, it would just be the last few weeks that I may find hard, or another way to put it, I would not be able to get in a good condition that I would feel satisfied with. However BNBF stated that condition was not a main factor in their federation due to people making themselves ill. Funny right? I guess it’s not as bad as competing in shorts though… Easier it is, more folk can do shows and more money can be raked in, business is business, regardless to how far it is from the whole point of bodybuilding. (Yes, I know true natural bodybuilding isn’t exciting to watch)

I have nothing to hide and so here’s where I’m at now and a nice easy body fat level to maintain. This is just messing about after training with no intention in sticking it up on here…

I will try and update this every 2 weeks with a similar video and picture…



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