19/06/2016 – What Do I Want / Temple Gym

I have to make a quick post talking about the truth and what I am actually doing…

In short, I want to be big! I want to have muscle growing on muscle, striations across my body, extreme low body fat and so on. Yet in reality I have done everything to stop myself building muscle. I’m currently debating whether I should at least add meat back to my diet or to start adding certain supplements to my diet and try to work on what I have. This is what I’m thinking about right now…

What do I really need?

For now I need function. I know that my physical ability and well being is great at the moment and that is fundamentally what I need with my life.

What do I really want?

To keep building quality muscle and get stronger and much bigger.

What is my ultimate goal?

I want to be a bodybuilding guru in terms of high intensity training and nutrition. I love to learn, I have passion in discovering the human body through trial and error. I want to watch someone change their life around in a very positive way, with my input.

Why don’t I become an online PT?

I don’t see an issue with this and I will become one. However, I don’t have interest in certain aspects to physical training. I prefer the high intensity weight training with less sets and more weight. I would be bored stiff doing tons of random stuff I have no interest in. Sort of a jack of all trades master of none, is what I don’t want. I still know this is part and parcel of the sport, I’m just being honest.

Should I rethink my diet plan?

Yes! I need some better sources of protein in my diet that may need to come from supplements or meat.

Ain’t I vegetarian?

No, I never said I was. I said I don’t eat meat or fish as I don’t want to right now. I never said it was long term and tried to stay away from the Veggie tag.

So am I still meat free?

Yes, and fish free. But I really fancy a big dirty burger!

Well, what do I want?

Knowledge and challenges. I don’t find stepping on stage a challenge or exciting. I find it degrading and political. I really prefer to monitor my progress in my own gym, in my own time, stress free and happy. On a side note, I respect anyone that gets on stage as I really enjoy watching them and feel inspired. Unless your a steroid user in a natural show. But I wont talk about that today….

So I wont compete again?

Yes, I will. That doesn’t mean I like it though. (as it currently stands for me)

Whats the point off this stupid post?

I decided that with a few tweaks and a few more bits of trial and error, I can get on the right track naturally for now. I suppose I could get jacked and grow big, but the way I’ve seen folk swell up in just a few months, I really don’t think I’m in a mad rush. I’m going to try and rework my whole blog and I might even do that at some point this week. I have found something that I pride myself in and I would like to share that with people. Granted no one really reads my blog, but to me, it’s an extremely valuable resource for my future. Everyone can clearly see how I have changed over the years and I hope this will be an inspiration to others. It just depends on how hard you want to change and if you want to be bodybuilder or a skinny builder. I don’t mean this from an arrogant point, I simply like to think I can represent the average drinker, smoker, junk food eating, over weight, lazy, lethargic, unfit, depressed, miserable human… and I just described my old self and it hurts to hear it. Fortunately, I have fixed myself now….

A few pics from yesterday at Temple Gym Birmingham after training legs…

I’m not cutting or dieting, I’m just living. For example, I ate half a tub of protein Pringles last night along with a few beer and some more junk. It’s a nice little balance of live and passion that I have…

As some of you may know, Temple Gym has relocated just up the road from the old gym. It’s much easier to access via car and has free parking. The building is much more modern and yet it has a very hardcore feel to it as all the equipment is from the original Temple Gym (apart from the new hi tech cardio equipment) the sound system is top and you can’t help but get buzzed up in there. The new gym has much more merchandise and supplements in stock too. It’s a great gym and obviously need to be explored by anyone into bodybuilding.

Temple Gym
19 Kenyon Street,
B3 1UR,
United Kingdom

IMG-20160618-WA0078 IMG-20160618-WA0062 IMG-20160618-WA0077


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