23/06/2016 – 22 May 2010

The bottom pic is a very quick random shot during sets today and I quite like it. It’s straight off the camera and with no filter, adobe, tan, shave and that clearly shows… HOWEVER, I like the picture and decided to dig back through my archives and find my very first back pic that I took a week into lifting. It’s exciting to know I still have the same passion I do now as I did back then, but this is not about that…

So, I compared the 2 pictures for an obvious look at when I started compared to now. From doing this I decided to type up a quick blog post (which is this) with a short explanation of how long it’s took me, why it’s took so long, and what is the point as beer and pizza are better…

How long has it took me? 

6 years.

Why the hell has it took 6 years?

Because I started with no knowledge at all, yet I thought I knew everything. It took me  years to figure out how to lift to the best of my ability and nutrition plays part of it. I spent years changing my taste buds, shirking my stomach, learning, talking, reading, watching and so on. This all took time to process as I didn’t understand it well enough to utilise it at the point in time, but I was on the path to progression. The hardest part was diet. I never used a PT, I never took steroids.


Pizza and Beer?

I had it last week.

Granted I gave up a lot at certain points, due to taking it as serious as I could. That’s part of my journey though and I wouldn’t change it. I guess I just had to have a temporary break from things I enjoy at times. The good part is, I can relax a bit now and I hope to never sway too far wrong, as I programmed my brain to not allow it. I think my body fat will always be a subconscious issue with me.

Do I regret losing all those years for that? 

If it was a chore, then maybe. Not a single day has been a chore for me to be honest. I sort of do it on auto pilot now. It’s a lifestyle. It is part of my life and 3 hours a week isn’t all that bad really…


I never want to compete again. I hate it. Although I will leave my options open. Yet if I do compete, I still hate it!

week6back 20160623_095716 (1)


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