01/09/2016 – Diet…

Just a quick post about my diet…

I have to stick to a strict diet or else I will pile on the fat. I have had a relaxed week this week and it’s still probably more strict than most peoples diets and my body fat/water retention has ruined weeks of dieting. My body doesn’t need much junk to slam on the fat. I have tried to follow these crazy bodybuilders diets in the past and it’s just impossible. It’s a different ball game being natural and using steroids and what you can eat.

I’ve followed diets aimed at steroid users in the past and I bet they are perfect for steroid users. However, if I try to follow these diets, I’m just going to get silly fat. My diet is much cleaner than a typical steroid user and I still put on fat easy. Even with cardio every morning.

I’m already cleaning my diet up subconsciously. I would like to finish the week of with a few beers, a bit of junk and so on. Unfortunately it’s going to then take me even longer to get back to my happy place. I know in a couple of weeks of just eating how I do everyday, that I will get back to where I will maintain. I feel awful holding excess body fat and I have to stop myself from getting there.

Dirty bulking is another way to get fat and lazy from my experience. Every bit of food and drink that I have will play a significant role on my mind and body. I have to stick to what I know best and sort this out before I’m one of those people doing cardio 6 times a day, 12 months out from a show. (joke)

A few or relaxed diet sets me back physically and mentally. It’s just no good for me personally.


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