28/09/16 – Diet – Strength

I want to start this off by talking about the obvious… Diet.


As I dropped meat and fish from my diet, along with all supplements back in February, I clearly had to start fresh again and discover a new way of getting my proteins/carbs/fats from other sources. So how did it go? My strength and mental focus dropped within a month and I was weak mentally and physically. I knew this would happen and I enjoy the challenge of gaining knowledge and improving myself internally and externally. 3 months into my changed diet I added creatine as I wasn’t getting it from my food. (I also added flax and so on, but lets focus on supplements aimed at bodybuilding) I had very little strength increase from the creatine and I felt I was holding a lot of water.

Over a month ago I came off the creatine and straight away I felt better. I also added protein powder back into my diet about a month ago and since then, my strength has gone back up and passed where I was when I was eating meat and taking all supplements known to man. I have improved my meat free diet over the months and I don’t think I will ever eat meat again. There’s really no need for me to do so.

My diet is good now, my recovery times are much better and the only thing I have changed is protein powder. I have the vegan blend for most off the time and I have a scoop of chocolate protein in my oats if I desire.

I am very happy with how my mind and body have changed since I became meat free. I personally feel that I had a bright Idea that has now turned into something much more. I’m in a happy place with my diet right now.


My training slowed down due to my diet and mental approach to my future goals. I had a mental block that I really struggled to get over, this was down to how important meat is in building muscle and causing a mental block in my head which caused me to only give half the effort into training as I simply didn’t believe in myself.

Fortunately I have broke that barrier down and now and I have the right mental approach, whist staying meat free and off all supplements, apart from protein. I have trained my brain to push my body past it’s limits as I know I need to gain strength and grow.

My leg strength was something that got hit hard by my diet. Within a month I had gone from leg pressing 400kg to just 200kg. It was very hard mentally at the time as I was bringing myself down over it. I had to make a decision, experiment with my diet or go back on the meat. I stuck to the meat free diet and now I have passed my previous best leg press off 500kg (which was achieved on supplements and meat) to 600kg which I did this week. Granted it was stupidly heavy, but at least I had a good go at doing it. Let’s be fair, most folk don’t know they have to train legs and make all sorts of excuses up. My wife has better legs than some of the enhanced gym goes… but we wont talk about that…

So, back on topic. I went for 600kg leg press with the wife spotting me. I managed about 4 reps with my hands on my knees, and 2 small reps as I was gone. This was an incredible achievement for me and well out my comfort zone. I thought my eyes were going to pop out my head or at least my brain come out my ears… I also stripped all the weight off which was an even more rare for gym goes to do.

My strength in general, along with my recovery times, has picked up really well. So far so good with my strength and approach to training.



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