17/12/2016 – Dorian Yates Seminar At Temple Gym

A few months back, me and a few friends went down Temple Gym to train together. We decided that we would come back around xmas time and train legs… (Legs are the long things that we stand on and use to walk etc) So we pencilled it in around the 13th December and finalised it for the 17th. Unfortunately, 2 of the lads (Darren and Jamie) had to miss the day, due to unforeseen circumstances…

Me and the wife travelled to Temple Gym and got there for about 12 mid day. I’d booked the wife in to do some pad work with Lewis and I recorded her until my training partner got there. Christie turned up and so me and him trained legs. It was very hard going and I felt sick all the way through it. I think this was due to diet, travelling and all the illnesses going around at the moment. I hate going to Temple Gym and having anything on my mind other than training. We trained Quads, Hamstrings and Calves. I would like to think we lifted a good weight with good form and it damn felt like it. I’ve known Christie for a good few years now and he’s become part of the family and a distant training partner. Watching how he’s improved over the last year in terms of strength, form, body and nutrition is very pleasing. I’m very proud of him for pushing and sticking with it…

On my last set of standing calf raise, Dorian came over to see what I was doing and so I loaded the machine up and went at it like you do and I had to push that little bit extra, break the mental barrier. I did a couple of reps and Dorian spotted me… To cut a long story short, 2 sets of calf raises and they are still very tender 2 days later and I can just about walk on them. This leads me to a couple of off topic things…

Mental Approach 

Getting in the frame of mind to absolutely dominate my body is an art. Going into the gym every single session and training beyond failure with heavy weight and good form is taxing and very difficult. This is down to a bunch of factors, although I do try to drop all external gym things until I have finished training. Usually by then I realise what I had on my mind was pointless anyway. Once I get in the mental state of knowing exactly what I have to do, I can then go on auto pilot and just let my brain tell my body what to do. I do miss pre-workouts as it’s hard work finding the aggression and energy training naturally.


Whats more important than heavy weights is nutrition and rest. I’m a very strong believer  I know for a fact that my body needs a good balanced diet to recover sufficiently and I’ve ran tests on myself for the best part of this year. What I do know is that if I train light and high reps I will get a painful muscle pump and that’s about it. When I train heavy with a little worse form, but still good form, my muscles tear and that’s what I want. If I go to the gym and train heavy (for me) and good form, I will ache and I know what I have done will work. However, that’s just a fraction of what it takes… (I aim to conquer my body and to do that, I need to spend time experimenting with my own body)

Nutrition is the key part to recovery and growth outside the gym. As an example, Saturday after training legs me, my wife, Christie, Dorian and Gal went to eat. Like a fool, I had all my meals prepped in the car and also protein, but as time was getting on I just left it and went out to eat. I had a jacket potato with no protein, as I’m still trying to reach my goals meat free. So I trained well and didn’t eat well. This as set me back with recovery and although it’s a good feeling having the muscular pain and not being able to walk well, I know deep down that I messed up. In my defence, I wasn’t missing a good opportunity to spend time with my friends over dinner. Fortunately I have my own goals, path, challenges and so on, and something like this for me isn’t really an issue for a one off. (Also it’s xmas and I’m being a dad this year and eating much more relaxed with the family)

Where were I… Yeah, so H trained with Lewis on the pads, me and Christie trained legs and after food we went back to the gym and met up with our good friend Paz. He couldn’t train as he’s got a serious lower back injury. 5pm rolled around and it was time for Dorian’ seminar. A few familiar faces were knocking about that I’ve spoke to before at Bodypower and in Spain etc. The gym filled up and Dorian took stage to host his live Q&A session. I love listening to Dorian and his approach to the sport and life. I love his honesty and how he doesn’t hold back to say things.

I know why people do it, it’s because they look like shit and know they will get their ass handed to them playing with the big boys…

A little thing I remember was when someone asked about natural bodybuilding and competing. Dorian said he doesn’t understand why people compete as a natural when they have been on steroids. Which leads me to my opinion on it… If you compete in a 100% natural drug tested competition and have had steroids or use them to CHEAT, then you have already failed. Period. I know why people do it, it’s because they look like shit and know they will get their ass handed to them playing with the big boys, but I don’t want to talk about that as it’s just a big joke for everyone around. I know a natural bodybuilder that came second to a steroid user and it didn’t come out until later down the line when he had a phone call and was told he’d won, but it’s too late then as you want to win on stage and feel proud… I won’t talk about cheats competing in natural shows that have had steroids/take steroids though as it winds me up…

Back on topic… The seminar was great and well worth the effort to get over to see him live. Inspiration and knowledge are 2 things I have come away with and those are the 2 things I really want at this stage of what I want from the sport. I enjoyed how he said he took his own path and studied himself to find out which was best for him. I relate to many things Dorian did through his career, I just lack everything he had (mental approach, goals, size)…

I look up to Dorian more than anyone else, as I feel most related to his training style and he’s a guy that is humble and speaks his mind. Too many people do things for ‘likes’ these days and they are just fake people. Dorian spoke about phones in the gym… ban them during training or the social side at least.

I also got to pick up the new Lewis Yates
zip hoodies which I’ve been after for ages. I have more DY/Temple Gym clothing than anything else as it’s what I feel comfortable wearing.


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