01/01/2017 – 2016 Wrap up

It’s that time of year again where I look back at what I’ve done during 2016 throughout my fitness journey. It’s been a quiet year to be honest and yet the most special things have happened. I’m going to quickly type this back up for now and may edit it later down the line…


  • The best thing that happened in 2016 was travelling over to Marbella with the wife to go and see Gal and Dorian. Long story short, it was… well… special. I never made a blog post on this at the time, although I regret that now, I can add a few pics in here…20160115_205037 20160115_222838 img_5675screenshot_2016-01-16-18-50-00






















































  • Next I decided to change everything I was doing with my nutrition and supplements. I’m still meat free and I now have added protein back into my diet, as I tried and tested different things for most of the year and protein is the one supplement I really do need. I’m not saying any of the other supplements are poor, I’m just saying 2016 wasn’t a year I was willing to use them all. 2017 may be different though…
  • Bodypower Pro Show and Expo was another great point. Watching the big boys battle it out with some incredible physiques that can be classed as mass monsters. This was also the weekend that the new Temple Gym location opened up to the public.
  • I spent a lot of 2016 figuring out my life time goals and what I want from what I do. What I want and what I will do are two different things, although I will follow my own path and I know I will be where I want to be one day…
  • I trained down Temple Gym with Lewis Yates mid year and Mart took pictures of me. This gave me a short term goal as I knew 2016 was going to be a plodding along year.
  • I met up with a few friends through the year and we all trained together down Temple Gym  and had a laugh as well as some pain.
  • Dorian Yates seminar at Temple Gym Birmingham…

I have my plans for 2017 and will plod along towards them. Most of 2016 I have had little injuries or niggles that have seriously impacted my training. I’ve had an ongoing hamstring issue for years, lower back pain, a fluid bubble in my elbow and a stupid pain in my delt. Perhaps I can put this down to nutrition and supplements? or just simply not resting. That’s my excuse anyway.

So 2017, I’ve got up and done my walk on the treadmill, I’ve had a good healthy breakfast and now I’m typing my blog up. That’s a positive way to approach the start of the new year , I guess. Now it’s time to be a daddy and relax with the family.


Happy new year to you all. x







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