11/03/2017 – Easter Temple Gym Meet Up

Do I need to do an introduction for Temple Gym Birmingham? Temple gym has been relocated to a more accessible building just a few minutes away from the old location. Dorian Yates was built in the original Temple Gym and all the legendary equipment has now been moved over and you can experience the atmosphere and energy that Dorian created. Just before I go any further, Dorian Yates has personal training sessions available at the beginning of April. The spaces are very limited so be quick to book up!














Dorians Son, Lewis Yates is available for personal training sessions at the gym on a more frequent basis. If you want the real experience, book up now! Click



This is something I’m planning on putting together and is totally separate from the above. I’m doing it off my own back…

The best part of bodybuilding is being able to meet new people, learn new tricks and surround yourself with people on a similar journey. I’m planning on getting a few folk together down Temple Gym Birmingham over the Easter holidays. There are around 5 of us that usually meet up a few times over the year and Easter will be a good time to have our first meet up for this year..

I’m planning on getting a group together of all levels, male or female and have a training session with some photos and maybe pop out for some food afterwards. I’m just trying to give people an opportunity to try something new, meet some new lifting buddies and have a good day out.

Ideally we will train together and push each other along whilst discussing and sharing thoughts as we go along. As Easter is only a month away, it also gives us an excuse to push ourselves on our own level with diet and training for a short time. Therefore, you can train hard, eat well for the next few weeks and feel proud at a good gym and around good people.

All I hope to do is get a few down there that want to go, but are a bit nervous or for people that want to go and just need a little push from a group of like minded people to train with. It would be good to get a good diverse group together and see what makes each other tick. Perhaps you feel like going for a new personal best? That would be cool to try around a group pushing you on a supporting you all the way.

If I had the choice of competing on stage or spending time doing what I enjoy around people I like or around new people with the same passion, I’m going to Temple Gym!

Right, I’ll leave it there and hope to see some old and new faces doing what we all love… Killing our selves for the love of iron!

Standard session charges apply.

If you are interested, drop me an e-mail – wolvosworkouts@gmail.com

Or contact me via facebook messenger… (scan the image via the app)









Temple Gym is now located at:

19 Kenyon street
Birmingham city centre
Jewellery quarter
B18 6AR


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