It’s very exciting time for fitness/bodybuilding freaks. It has just been announced that Dorian Yates is the President of a new federation called SUPER LEAGUE. He is in partnership with Nike and BodyBuilding.com whom are massive sponsors for the federation!

I have read the rules and idea behind the federation and I’m really happy to see how it is set out. I can see this being a true measurement of the functional superhuman strength and physique. It doesn’t involve all the politics and prancing around stuff that I personally don’t like with bodybuilding, this is a true test of pushing the human body to the next level.

Officials –

  • President – Dorian Yates
  • League Official – Erin Stern
  • League Official – Stan Efferding

Celebrity Guests –

  • Rich Piana
  • Joey Swoll
  • CT Fletcher
  • Kris Gethin
  • Larissa Reis
  • Ryback

As you can see, it’s shaping up to be very exciting just from the big names announced.

All the common questions and answers can be found here on their website – http://superleague.live/

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