10/09/2017 – It’s been a while…

As the title says, it’s been a while since I last made a blog post and that’s simply because I’ve been doing the same thing and I haven’t had anything much to talk about.

3 months ago I started to cut the junk out of my diet and drop some body fat. After dropping 12lb, I realised that I was holing much more body fat than I first anticipated. I am now where I thought I were, body fat wise, 3 months ago.

Over the last 2 weeks I have cleaned my diet up to around 80% of what I estimate I will need to be to reach my goal.

What now?

My goal is to drop my body fat to single digits, meat and fish free. I’m convinced that a meat free and fish free diet is still as good as a meat diet for me. Being a natural bodybuilder and putting a few years into messing with my diet, I really do think I can drop my body fat relatively low and maintain some strength. When I did that show a couple of years back, I was on meat, fish and every supplement going. This time (as it has been for the last 20 months) I have cut out meat, fish and all supplements apart from Vegan protein and creatine.


Because I’m happy doing it this way.

But bodybuilding is about getting massive and…

Yeah I know that. I’ll just do my thing and others can do theirs.

How much fat am I holding?

Loads! I guess I’m around 13-15% body fat right now.

How much have I dropped?

I’m around 12-14lb down from when I thought I were around 15% body fat.

Why put on so much fat?

Didn’t realise and I enjoyed my food.

Long term goals…

To continue my veggie-building and then experiment with my Vegan diet. That’s going to be very challenging, although I started with the idea 4 years ago, which is when I started to look into it.


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