17/01/2018 – VEGAN! YOU MUST BE MAD…

… but what if I don’t class myself as a bodybuilder?

Let’s be fair, I don’t have supplements, I’ve been vegetarian for quite some time and I don’t use sports enhancement drugs. I don’t follow what everyone else does and I don’t deserve to be called a bodybuilder. Ok, so that’s out the way…

I like doing my own thing, I know my ultimate goal and I will get there by myself. Vegetarian lifestyle is really easy and if I’d had known back then what I know now, I would have been veggie a lot earlier in life. Just as a personal choice. A few years back I ate meat and took every supplement out there and it fried my brain chasing the carrot. I look and listen to people and I observe how they spend a few months training, take steroids and grow rapidly, to then go cold turkey and not train for months. I have also watched people go the opposite way and get so obsessed that they end up losing what really matters to them, but only to realise when it’s too late and just to not even make the top six on stage. I have nothing against these people and no doubt they inspire me in one way or another.

Now we all know I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m going to share my philosophy and goals.

They are simple;

  • To meet like minded folk
  • To train as hard as I can in the gym
  • To recover as fast as I can outside the gym
  • To gain knowledge of my body and mind
  • To be satisfied

So now we enter the next chapter that has been in the making for 5 years. I’m doing what I want to do and I’m going to pursue a little journey of mine and that’s to cut out animal products completely or at least as much as I can. Since being vegetarian I have only had milk in my tea, a bit of butter and cheese and the odd egg, which I cut out months ago. There is no reason other than I want to discover a broad range of knowledge and I like to put myself through it rather than pay someone to tell me something they read in a book. The simple motto to use is, if I can do it so can you. I’d like to change that and say, If I can’t do it, I don’t expect to help you.

Why vegan?

Why not.

What about the gains?!

I’ve already reached my natural potential.

What about your strength?

Gym strength? As in lifting a weight from A-B? Strength as a power lifter of strength as a repetitive movement?

I’ll be fine… I’ll make ‘gains’.

Would you compete again?


What about protein?

I can easily get 200g- 250g plus…

But you’re not a true vegan if you use animal products or don’t make your own food!

Ok, I’m not vegan. I just want to experience something that I’ve wanted to do for years. Everything takes time and I if I do decide to go back as a meat eater, I will be overwhelmed with the variety of food available. I won’t take it for granted then.

So that’s it, a little blog to myself again…


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