21/01/2018 – Vegan Meal Prep

Here’s a very simple idea for meals that can be made in bulk. Which are nutritious and actually quite tasty. It’s all about mixing things around and getting lots of colours and variety in each meal. I’ll will post random pictures up on my Instagram as time goes by. This blog is just a simple look at some simple meals…
A quick word of warning. If you are going to go cold turkey and take up a vegan diet overnight, you are most likely destined to fail at a consistent vegan lifestyle. It has took me a long time to change my taste buds and to gain self knowledge on nutrition and how it works with the human body. This is where I am glad I have stayed 100% natural. This will help me, help you, as I have reached a different side of building and maintaining a good strong body, accompanied by a strong healthy mind.


Oats – 40g

Flax seed – 1 and a half tea spoon

Gaia Seed – 1 and a half tea spoon

Dried fruit – handful

Nuts – handful

Avocado – half

Banana – one

Almond milk – to taste

Vegan Protein Powder – 1 scoop or shake

Lunch and Dinner


  • Sweet potatoes – 2
  • Broccoli – cup full
  • Nuts – handfull
  • Chia seed – tea spoon
  • Flax seed -tea spoon
  • Banana – 1
  • Carrots – half cup
  • Quinoa – half cup

Vegan protein shake – 1


  • Tofu – 100g
  • Spinach – 1 handful
  • Broccoli – cup full
  • Cauliflower – cup full
  • Nuts – handful
  • Carrots – half cup
  • Sweet potato – half medium
  • Beans mix – half cup
  • Tomato – tinned, half cup
  • Cress – quarter cup
  • Lime – 1 lime per 3 meals
  • Apple – 1
  • Quinoa – half cup
  • Chia seed – tea spoon
  • Flax seed – tea spoon

Look here for an idea of snack ideas.


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