25/02/2018 – Vegan end of week 1 strict diet

I can start doing these vegan weekly updates now as I have a goal I wish to reach. It’s not really worth putting the time and effort into typing up a blog if I’m just plodding along. Let’s say this is week 3 of a strict vegan ‘meaningful’ diet. From here I will give weekly updates on my weight and I’ll give a very rough idea of my body fat. I need another 4 weeks to just dial it in a bit and change things around to for my goals. Let’s call this the pre focus phase.

This will be my first update on my goals, although I haven’t been taking photos of myself, but I will throw random photos up when I feel good within myself.

Week 1 –

I’m currently at 77.1kg and weigh myself first thing on a Saturday morning with just my pants on. I’m down 1.3kg since last week. This week has been a shambled due to the funeral and not being in my own house for a week, but that’s not an excuse as I only missed 1 meal and that was during the funeral. I never drank of put anything in my body that would sway me from my goals. It’s been an extremely mentally challenging week, but It’s over and I did it. It’s 100% all the way!

I’ve slept for the first time last night and had a good solid 5 hours sleep with just a tiny little nightmare, which is expected. The rest of the year I’ve suffered really bad. Most nights having between 1 and 3 hours sleep. Hopefully this is out the way now within reason and sleep will help me recover and be more focused. (Obviously it helps in all aspects of life, but this is a fitness goal post)

I have all my measurement which I will post in time. At this moment they mean nothing as I don’t have anything to compare them with. My body fat is roughly around 15% at a visual guess. It could be more or less, I just need to keep note of it.

My diet isn’t tasty, it’s purely for function. I’ve had over 2 years with a relaxed diet and now it’s time to knuckle down and see if consistency is key or if meat and supplements are key. The majority of supplements I used, I now have in food. One things I will say though is that supplements are very helpful with recovery and motivation. I’m thinking about introducing creatine back into my diet, I’m just going to push as hard as I can without it for now. If I add some pre workout, creatine, bcaa’s and so on back into my diet, perhaps that would help with my strength. I might go back on them in the near future, I’m just a health freak at the moment and I’m trying to get what I need from vegan food, although that isn’t always possible or sensible, I will stick to it.

Last Monday we had dinner with Dorian, Gal, Dino, Dean and my wife. We went to a restaurant and they didn’t have any vegan deserts, so I didn’t have one at all. They had vegetarian options, but I’m too focused to let a chocolate desert sway me. Granted it was unsociable, but there’s plenty of time to eat deserts and now just isn’t the time.

So that’s it for now. I’ll keep doing my thing and time will show me what I need to add, remove and adjust to get there. I’m striving for 10% body fat and a small strength increase from where I am now. I’ll get there, it’s just time and life…


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