10/09/2018 – Community Fitness

I think I’ve realised my place when it comes to finding the right path that I need to take when it comes to fitness. I’ve contemplated over getting bigger and bigger by any means possible, but thats just not my goal and it isn’t in my vision for the near future. Obviously I want to get stronger and bigger, but health and knowledge is more important to me at this stage of my life. I’ve trained and been a member of several local gym and they are all great, I can’t knock them at all, but I’ve not been training at a local ‘Community focused’ gym that has ticked all the boxes for me. It’s not the biggest or the best gym around and that’s not it’s focus point. This gym is aimed at the community from all walks of life with different goals and experience levels. The gym is focused on welcoming people with open arms and helping them to take their first steps in a gym, right up as far as there visions and passion takes them.

I’ve recently joined the team at Community Fitness after weighing up the gym for a few months. I can see the potential and direction the gym is going in and it certainly fits my criteria at this moment in my life. I love to get involved with fitness from all different aspects and this has opened up a new journey for me where I can share my journey, enthusiasm and passion to help others reach their goals. It’s a very exciting time for me and something I have been waiting to do for some time!

I’ll be elaborating more on this soon…


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